Puncture Repair Glue

Have used two kits know repairing other peoples punctures. The problem is that I know have four plugs but no glue, anyone where I can get it separately from the kits?


think ya should use less glue next time mate :stuck_out_tongue:

Better to use to much than to little and the damn thing comes out. :slight_smile:

And this is for tubeless tyres.

I wouldnt use that stuff it sends the wheel of balance.

vwhosey on eBay sells a big tub of it for £9 or http://www.carpentergoodwin.co.uk/product_view.php?id=8578&vid=&cid=162 for £11 or little tubes from http://www.overland-solutions.com/shoppingcart/products/mt_repair/090-0005.htm for £1.20

I think that’s all basically the same stuff.

I’ve used that small 5g tube of vulcanising fluid before, it worked fine AND it was from my bicycle repair outfit:D Seems to be the same stuff as the motorcycle repair kit…