Puncture recovery

hi peeps… my one year breakdown recovery has expired on my new bike and was wondering what the best bet is to cover maself for a punctre, or is it just a simple breakdown recovery policy or are there any decent bike recovery companies about? never had a flat in 3 years luckily but its nice to have a bit of peace o mind :slight_smile:

can of tyre foam in the backback is the best cover…

Could buy yourself a puncture repair kit and put it under the seat or something?

Might want to check with your insurance as well, MCE offer basic roadside recovery on most (i think all but just incase) of their policies.

If not, RAC drivers are doing a deal, that I discovered from a driver when I got a puncture and they came to repair it, I think it was £52 for the year, but that is personal cover, that means it covers you not your vehicle, so whatever you driving they will assist, even if it is not your vehicle but you just happen to be in it they will assist.

I think the actual price is over a £100 so the deal from the driver seems quite good.

LondonBikers have a deal going with AXA breakdown cover at the mo I believe