puncture and great service!

Hey guys there was i ready to go to the dogs runout with sincere and crew, and lo and behold, as i got to Hanger lane i could here a hissing, by the time i got to the Ace cafe, i had my rear tyre flat! blimmin screw in the tyre. so i had to give the run a miss. However cos i have Greenflag top cover i soon got the bike collected and brought home, very impressive quick service, thankyou so much guys!!!

and i shall be taking the bike to TMSC on Monday where they said they will sort it, so again a big thanks to Les!!

thanks ginge and crew for all your help x

That’s crap hun - but glad you’re ok.

Sorry u missed the dogs m8. least ur ok…not being a Vulture , but if the screw went in the tred & if ur gettin a new tyre. if it’s a 180 or 190 rather than pay em to get rid, i’ll buy it off u

So thats sold to the Vulture over here

I`ve used the AA last time i picked up a punture, they repaired it withing 30 mins of my call. I put Ultraseal in my tyres now just incase it happens again.

terry you can have the tyre for nothin, i dont want anything for it!