puncher repair on a sunday?

just looked and theres a screw in the middle. is there anywhere i can go to get it fixed today im in croydon at the moment can anyone help?

You could try a temporary one to get you out the sh1t?

Theres a place called Chasbikes which tyres all types of spares , servicing , MOT’s and recoveries which is open on weekends including sunday 10:00 am till 16:00 ,

Address = 70 Great Suffolk Street , London SE1 OBL

Tel = 020 7261 9795

It might be a bit far but if it helps you or anyone else then I’m sure it could be of help to someone :smiley:

Top post Dan!:cool:

thanks dan went there was abit of a wait and cost more but its done so im happy

Glad it got sorted out :smiley: