Puma Brutale GTX Gore-Tex boots

wow, is all i can really say about these boots. I got them yesterday at a very good price. They are warm, comftable and very well priced for a goretex boot. as you all know the weather yesterday was absolutley horrendous. I had to drop my bike of to P & H Motorcycles in Crawley for her service. I got there and my feet were completley dry, its the first pair of boots that have ever kept my feet 100% dry. Id say comfort is 8/10, style 7/10 and quality 9/10.

So im one very happy warm and dry biker!



i havent tried mine in the wet yet… but comfort wise they are like a pair of slippers - such a welcome relief from crippling myself in my previous dainese pair.

how much did u pay for them boots matey

They don’t match your jacket Westie :P:D

i know, and you all took the **** out of my red jacket, tarts!, hehe i guess having red and black jacket, lime green and black helmet and blue boots are a bit colourful! ha ha

going for the rainbow effect mate?:blink:

I can vouch for Goretex boots - always dry.


Nice boots, I think I’m gonna try the Puma’s next :slight_smile: