puma 1000 - gutted

what spanner was in charge of sorting the neoprene/fastening section for the puma 1000? :blink:

the neoprene is at the rear, as are the laces, where your heel has to go in. so basically your heel kinda catches on it, and its a complete PITA to try and get your foot in. speaking to the guy in the shop, everyone who tries them on, says the same thing, and pretty much as a result doesn’t buy. not very ‘biker’ to have to carry a flipping shoe horn around with you

how stupid do you have to be to make a good looking high end boot, and forget to check if people can put them on properly…:w00t:

Maybe it’s designed to fit a particular foot shape, some shoes/boots are like that

Are puma boots as comfy/safe as sidies in general?

I really love those Puma boots… but i will never own them (dont make my size)

hard to tell, never got my foot inside 'em! the back of the boot you’d normally pull against is the neoprene bit, feels like you’d rip it off in time, didn’t want to be stood in shop with part of the boot in one hand, the rest of it dangling off my foot…from what the guy was saying in the shop, he found them a good snug fit when on, but the grief to get them on in the first place has left them on the shelf. i blummin wanted a pair as well :crying:, even at that sting of a pricehaving said that, seen some pics of the new supertechs for 08 that look pretty cool…(i’m actually considering goign back with a flipping shoe horn now,…)

JB, you know it’s not sensible to do that, it’ll **** ya off eventually, and beside, you’ll be the only biker I know carrying shoe horns around, that is until we see another biker wearing them :laugh:

JB - you did remember to take your original boots off your plates before slipping on the ol’ glass slipper yes?


pop down and see us as well have the 1000’s and the 800’s in stock and the goretex 800’s to super deals on puma’s at the if we have your size.

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I tried the puma 1000’s on yesterday and thay are sooooo hard to get on. I did manage to get one on after about 10 minutes wiggleing. I only suceeded in getting on a size bigger than I normally take (and I have narrow girl feet). I didn’t even bother attempting to get the 2nd boot on.

Also, the sole of the boot doesn’t bend so walking about in them would be stange!

After all that effort came the mission to get it back off again - I couldn’t do it on my own. I had to sit down and get somebody to pull it off for me.

I’m also gutted about them as I was going to get a pair in the near future - and egypt offered me a particulalry tempting price :w00t:

it was worth a try though

A Galiant effort indeed!:smiley:

we do them cheaper than price drop tv !!!
new prices on ebay, cbbuzzer

was speaking to jonesy about these this morning and he had the same thing as you cherrie - bit of a worrying moment when they thought they might have to cut 'em off they that much of a bugger to get out of again

good tip andrew, will give that a go next time :wink: or maybe cover my feet in butter…(feet and dairy, that’ll be fragrant…)