Pulling my hair out and I haven't even got any! Job problems!

As some of you may know I got made redundant back in January. Big shock and I was upset.Well 7 months on I still haven’t got one. I have had very bad experiences with recuitment agencies with them sending me to jobs and lying about the job description so it turns out I am totally unqualified for the position. This has happened a few times. I am on the agencies lists for temp work too and I keep callign them once a week to register interest and they are polite but just say they have nothing in.

I am also searching on the web and all the local papers I have spent hours and hours filling out application forms taking my time with them and getting people to check over what I have written and it gets to past the closing date and I hear nothing. I am not a muppet and I have been really putting an effort into the applications and I have been applying for very basic job roles too. I went for an interview last week (turned out to be a waste of time) and they said they had nearly 80 applicants for one position.

I have even tried walking into Tesco, Asda, I have written countless letters to all the companies I can think of by searching the yellow pages. detailed letters with my cv asking for work and not a single thing! I have been very active with my searching and so far nothing.

I wake up everyday and I feel more and more p1ssed off as time goes on. All this effort and no reward after this long is wearing me down. My brother was also made redundant last week too! Just gets worse.

People have said that a job will come along soon but they have been saying that for months starting to lose faifth now.

This site is the only thing that keeps me sane after hours and hours of job hunting on the computer I click on here to cheer myself up. Sorry to rant better out than in and I can’t say this to me family cause it just ends up in a row

My condolences. Never a nice situation to be in.

Just for reference, what are you looking for in case anyone here hears (too many hears here) of anything that’s up your street?

Well I was a graphics assistant and used to do lots of Photoshop and design stuff and I wanted to stick with that. It seems I have no chance so I am prepared to have a go at anything. If anyone has any ideas let me know. I have attached my cv too.


You probably know them already, but just in case, here are a couple of industry sites:


thanks mate.

Ok mate thank you very much. Even just asking is a step in the right direction