Pulled for speeding...

well almost. I don’t quite know why not. Was coming back from Friday night down Frith at about 2am along A316 just before kew roundabout at the rear of Richmond. There is an estate agents on the left, didn’t notice the bright yellow jacket and police car parked up until I was almost on top of them. Looked over and he was fiddling about with something in his hand, laser? Thought he was just writting something down, but he didn’t look round as I went past. They had already pulled another biker and a car or two. I think that bit of duel lane is 30 now, I was probably doing at least 40. Not going really quick as was just bimbling and day dreaming. Don’t know what I was thinking about but road was empty and not really paying much attention, just wanted to get home to bed. I wasn’t giving it some so not many revs, not much noise. It must have appeared I was riding quite calmly, which I was at that point and I guess I had slowed down a bit to let bike behind catch up a bit as we were going through lights. Not a pleasent feeling but as neither of us were stopped fingers crossed we are doing OK… Close one that was. **** me up a bit, reminder to keep a look out at all times! I know if you go round acting like a spanner you should take you punishment but that would have really fkd me off

WOW, WELL LETS HOPE YOUR OK , i thankfully blasted home faster than i should and didnt see any coppers!

Hehehe, I wasn’t THAT far behind you. But luckily I DID see the coppers and slowed down (edit: even more so I was doing about 20mph ) and tried to hide the noise from my (edit: road legal) exhaust with the winey noise my bike seems to make

I’ve seen them a few times down by Richmond, or before near the fire-station. Be-warned! Both times I’ve got plate fines, have been in Richmond. They have some nice folks there though, I was stopped a couple of times to make sure it was my bike, and so they could admire it (bike fans).

Glad you ‘escaped’ but in the light of this thread:


is it wise for anyone to broadcast any law-breaking activities on the Forum or are we selective in our views about right and wrong?

yeah, eyes watching all the time…

Their attention might have been on dishing out a ticket to someone else I guess. We were heading back towards Richmond but I decided to cut down to the 316 cos it would be quite at that time of night. Its better then going through the centre of Richmond were you might get people stunbling around in the road drunk after pub chucking out… think I’ll head through town next time!

I hope you didn’t think this was a dig at you because it wasn’t; I know where the Gatsos are on the 316

I was just concerned that…well, what I said.

I know what you meant, no worries.

Avoiding speed cameras is easy, its them pesky chaps with laser thingies and unmarked cars that make life interesting.