Pucks, t-shirts and remidner re Memorial Ride

Another message from Weaver - yeh I know she is a nag but she means well!! :D"Hi each,

Please can I ask everyone who is planning to go on the ride to note on the ride thread with which group they would like to ride. If at all possible, please pay in advance using the link to Just Giving on the ride thread as it saves time on the day and gets the charity more dosh!

Thanks much to those who have donated so far. Everyone has been very generous - including someone who is totally anonymous - whoever you are thank you.

We have over 30 pucks - thanks much to Bikesafe London!!! :smiley:

Now we have t-shirts but not very many (about 30) so if you want one £10 each - can you please yell now and I will reserve one for you. When I confirm that we have one in your size and it is reserved for you, could you pay please via JG also

Thanks much.

Any questions please yell."

Message for Andrea re t-shirts - Snap is saving you a medium one because you never got last year’s and you paid for one! :smiley: