Public Wi-Fi Coming to London

A promising start, but I still wish Google would roll out their wireless network plans first, so we can get free access to the net, anywhere we are. Imagine being able to post a video from your camera phone at the Ace directly to LB for people to see straight away? Or to show someone a post?

" The plan is to start with a section of London’s Square Mile financial district, and then to roll out WiFi coverage to the entire area over the course of the next six months.

The City has contracted a private company called The Cloud to mount 802.11 hardware on various lamp posts and high points around London."

"What my father refers to as “Them Internet rays” "

Ahahahahhaha buy that father a pint someone.

Good news!


Now I can not only be called any where I go, but if I have a lap top wiht WiFi on I can be emailed any where I go, eeeek.

Gotta hide, how do ya turn this computer off again ?