Public transport from wrotham

Ive got to drop my bike off at Bob Farnhams in Wrotham tomorrow ,possibly for a few days , the problem is ive no idea how to get back home to Thamesmead from there ! any ideas on buses /train /coach/horse and cart ?

Looks like Borough Green & Wrotham railway station is your best bet. If you put that & your nearest home station into it’ll tell you your best route.

Such a shame i’m working, this is all within my test routes and i could have picked you up… :slight_smile:

blooming hell lewis has only been out of action for two days…:stuck_out_tongue:

2 days is a long time Tim … :w00t::w00t:

Cheers for the replys/ offer, ive manged to cadge a lift , problem solved (i hope). :smiley: