Pub ZZR600

Bought while under the afluence of a few pints…Need to find the missing bits somewhere (almost impossible here in Spain) but that apart it seems to be sort of OK…Not the first time Ive taken a stray dog home from the pub:) In my defense , it was only 100 quid…



Eww! Put some clothes on!

All the plastic you need on eBay. And for goodness sake paint it - that’s just frightening! :w00t:

Still, it’s a ZZR and therefore deserves love.

chuck it in the pool…easy way to wash it :smiley:

Great buy, I used to have one and really liked it. Of the old-school bikes it’s one of those that’s aged well. Best bit is the engine, lots of torque for a 600 + it’s short geared so starts in 2nd even 3rd gear. Later models with ram air get 100bhp, not bad for a 20 year old design.
Bad bits suspension and brakes (couldn’t fix the spongy fronts), and I suspect you’ll really need to have a look at that (can’t see no calipers!).
Depending on what use you intend to do I wouldn’t bother with getting the full fairing, it looks interesting without with some tiding up, unless you want to fully restore it.

£100?? :w00t: I sold mine for £1750 a couple of years ago…:hehe:

oh yeah them zzrs are grrr8! I have got two of them :smiley: and sum spare panels plus a tank if you need anyfink…might have it :smiley:

It is a Ramair…just took the plastic bits off for now. The calipers were in a state so took them off to strip them…fine now.I really want to put it back to original apart from paint which I will do in the orange and purple theme from the 1100.

Cleaned the carbs out and it runs fine…well pleased.

The only issue is that it hangs onto the revs when I shut the throttle…drops quickly to 3k then very slowly down to tickover. No air leaks as faras I can see…Any ideas?:slight_smile:

Not ridden it yet as no brakes but they are next on the list…

do u need the front calipers? as i got the front one’s still from my old zzr6 might even have a few more bits kicking about…

have you checked all the carb bits & balanced them up and checked the vac pipes etc? yer when i got my 6 all i had to do was clean the carbs out and balanced them fit new vac pipes and plugs run sweet after that still i sold it…

Putting new plugs in today but found the down pipes were damaged when i took them off. They are being repaired todat…think they might have been causing back pressure, They are solid and better than they look,

I rebuilt the calipers thanks. Would be interested in buying any bits you have. You can see most of what I need…plastics, rear and side grab handles,front indicators etc etc




pmsl at them pipes how the hell they do that!.. i had a 4-1 carbon micron on mine sounded better and last longer

whats written on your bike seat?

it says ******:smiley: only joking just junk the the breakers wright on it when i bought the seat lol.

Previous owner had an off over a kerb I think,front wheel was gone , damage to the pipes and rear fairing mount plus the obvious bits. The pipes are OK really and this bike is just a bit of a time filler for me so want to spend as little as poss on it. local garage is fixing the pipes today for 15 quid…

ah ok kool get some pictures up when they have been fixed:D