Pub Kawa..........

Some of you might remember my 100 Euro ZZR600 bought late one night in the pub…Well…apart from a bit of final fitting up and a few small jobs its finished…The question is…“Is it too orange?”. It is Ford Electic Orange with Ford Sky Grey. Im not too sure about it myself!:ermm:






looks great!! :wink: but not sure if the mirrors & grabthingie should be orange aswell

+1 the mirrors colour looks too contrasting

For 100euros whos gives a fccck :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

If you were having it done, why not in black???

Not sure what you mean…I am going to do the grabrail grey then maybe the mirrors.
I dont want to go ott and paint any of the other panel…mainly cos I laquered over the decals and wouldnt be easy to redo…

I’d paint the front mudguard grey, along with the mirrors :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it looks ok! :slight_smile:

I know Cheekychic would love that! She owns two of them already! :stuck_out_tongue:

It looks great! Like a new bike - I can’t believe it’s that shed you bought for a 100 euros! Well done! :w00t:

Bloody well done…Amazing job there mate…:D.

As mentioned before,i think the mirrors should be grey and the grab rail…and maybee the front mudguard…perfect…;).

Cheekychick has kindley lent me one of hers while my insurance pays out…and i can honestley say…its a lovley bike to ride…

keep us posted on the updates mate…


Looks wicked, nothing wrong with bright orange, better to be seen than sorry :slight_smile:

I agree that maybe the mirrors and grabrail would look better in the grey you’ve used elsewhere, well done though, you’ve done a good job :smiley:

That looks a cracking restoration job there mate :D:D:D

Good call on the mirrors and grab rail - they look great orange.

I thought everyone knew zzr mirrors and grab rails are colour coded - and IMO won’t look right different colour.

I like it! I like it a lot!:D:D:D

Nice work there:)

I’ve got very fond memories of riding one of them 2 up with Bikerboy in Italy, mind the centrestand, they dont half dig in on left handers:D:D:D

looks good like the colour scheme

Looks good . . . would be a suitable commuter for Elad :stuck_out_tongue: