PSP or DS lite

ok so this is the score I’m with a points company online which I may add is completely ligit and I’m not looking for people to sign up.I have enough points to get a Nintendo DS or a PSP.

I used to own a PSP and loved it, I have bought my daughter a DS lite for her birthday which is on the 10th of aug and the missus has given me strict instructions not to go anywhere near it. So not having played one I’m not sure.

So the question is PSP or DS Lite



I would usually say DS lite, but seeing as you said you loved teh PSP, you should prob get that again. A few peopel I know who have a PSP say it’s not really that great in the end, but seeing as you really liked it, you may be disappointed somewhat in the DS. Certain games are good, but you won’t know until you’ve played them. And most of the games are for children.

Personally, I have a DS and have no intention of owning a PSP, because I don’t get the point of it. And a hardcore gamer friend of mine (used to work for Sega testing games, now is working for Disney) is in love with his DS.

come on guys need more votes, it is 50/50 at the moment

imported a jap PSP when they first came out, very impressive piece of kit until you realise the games are crap playstation ports with no soul

go for a DS Lite; far better games and easier to hack for free games and divx films…better portability and far longer battery life too

PSP for sure. If you ever buy a PS3 you’ll regret getting a ds. The integration is excellent.

For psp games, go for god of war, its the best there is at the moment graphically, and a good blast.