PSA, small gps trackers, £20

in case you were thinking about getting one.

Are you getting one for your new toy?

Just watched the video on it, looks a good bit of Kit. i may be tempted with this. To be fair, at £20 it don’t matter if it’s no good at all!!

anyone used this?

I know someone that has one but hasn’t had to use it
let hope he never has to test it

I’m getting one, yes. they’re usually £25.

Looks good

Let me know how they go…

I’ve bought one. I like it… I liked it til the connector for the power broke off the circuit board :confused: and the “hard wire” cable available on eBay isn’t truly hard wired as it breaks the connector.

The model is called TK102. Which is the one I bought. The TK103 seems to have a sturdier design for the connectors.

Power connector aside it’s a cheap little option, though rather limited in options. It has a geo fence option that supposedly tells you when the gps is outside of a particular range though I’ve not used it as I can’t understand how this could work efficiently at home and work…

You give it a call and hang up basically and it’ll send you message back…

I used a spare phone and used two Lycamobile sim cards so it was free for lyca to lyca calls and SMS…

If you have questions, fire away!

As for the power connector… when I get time I am going to Google the circuit board to repair it – Ill solder a new truly permanent power cable to it once I can identify where positive and negative are…