PS3 - What Else Can You Do With It?

I’ve had my PS3 a few months now & I’ll I’ve used it for is Call of duty - GTA4 hasnt even come out of the wrapper yet!

What else can I use my PS3 for? Can I use it to watch things on BBCi player etc?

You could give to me:)

COD4 is good. GTA4 is excellent. I ended up ignoring the game, just to go online and p*ss around.
Open the wrapper!

Look for ‘The_Villain’ online

the PS3 makes for a quality door stop and an average BluRay player :smiley:


Ha ha yeah yeah each to their own! I suppose you have a 360 then? :smiley:

I’m gonna give GTA4 a go tonight as Im not going out but then I’ll probably get a text from a few mates who are going on Call of duty ha ha :stuck_out_tongue:

As the 125 & 250 Moto Gp races are gonna be shown on BBCi Player now just wondered if that can be viewed via the PS3?

yeah, i am jealous of the BluRay drive though :wink:

the advice to just use GTAIV online is probably good as the story mode is repetitive and a bit of a let down…the changing weather conditions and sunsets and general sandbox mayhem are as good fun as ever though

oh and i think someone managed to get iplayer sort of working on the PS3 but under Linux only at the moment…

Cool! Cheers for the info :slight_smile:

not sure if you can use it for bbc iplayer, but I know microsoft are in talks to add it to the xbox360 dashboard…

come on and hurry up will you, means I can move my computer somewhere mroe useful in the house.

You can watch films stored on your pc with it using media player:)

i only play GTA4 online, brilliant… didnt even bother starting the missions.