Proxy Lead (Get one knee down and Pray, Sunday 28th of September)

This is Rixxy’s run. If he turns up I’ll follow him otherwise, I’ll lead or fly solo if no one shows up. I love this route so I’m trying to do it every week till the end of the season.

The route is about 200 miles round trip with a breakfast stop in Chipping Norton.

The meeting point is the Dome Roundabout just off Junction 5 off the M1 up the A41 about a mile We meet in the forecourt of the Shell Garage.

If there is a big group we’ll cornerman otherwise we’ll wait at the next corner for everyone to regroup.

MEETING TIME IS 7.45am with 8am departure. This may seem early but the rewards are there for those who make the effort.

Usual rules apply, no heroes (Go pro or otherwise), slip streamers or blind overtake followers. 30 means 30.

If I’m leading then this ride is not suitable for those who don’t like posh people.

All credit for the route goes to Rixxy.

I’m on other rides for a couple of Sundays, but will be back soon :slight_smile: love those roads, I keep going back at every opportunity.

We’re developing a new one for the next season :wink:

Good man Joby, we cannot attend as we`ve got a new/old bike you will not be able to overtake on motorways.

Good effort, the big ninja awaits your overtakes.:w00t:

Sweet :smiley: