Proud Dad part 2


Following on from my post a few months ago about my daughter getting a good job so soon after finishing University, well yesterday my little girl made me doubly proud when she officially graduated from Bournemouth University with her forensic science degree. :+1::relieved::woman_student:


Congratulations to her. And to your and your wife Tony, as it’s you guys that set the character for your child’s later development.

Now, is she going to be a real life CSI like in the American tv series?


congrats mate. You could have smiled though!


Congrats an good luck on her getting a job to put her skills to use.


@TheMonkey27 The reason I said proud Dad part 2 is because she got a job within a week of finishing at University and coming home

Inside 5 months she has already gone from being a temp to permanant full time chemical annalyst and has just been appointed as a trainer. Her degree now allows her to quaifiy for membership of various professional bodies.

Her graduation yesterday was just the icing on the cake


Excellent news. I see many who find it hard to get the break after their studies.


Congratulations to your daughter!