Protyre Enfield

Unfortunately couldn’t get to Essential Rubber but did get to Protyre in Enfield. Did a good price on pilot road 3, very nice guys, even gave the wheel a good clean.

Managed 16,997 miles on rear tyre, yes it was very square and on the wear marks.

16,997MILES on a tire!!!?

Pictures? Must of turned into a square :w00t:

Yes it is very possible, I did 16k on a PR2 rear and just over 18k on the front.
And yes the mechanic at protyre is a fussy one when it comes to bikes, he hates to see and work on dirty bikes :laugh:

Sorry didn’t take a pic but yes it had a 3 inch flat strip down the middle, I do alot of motorway miles.

£10 off pr3 and pr4 at the moment

+1 for Protyre, he cleans and checks many things beyond his remit.

They do chains and sprockets and brake pads as well.

The guy there, (Forgive me for not recollecting your name after ten visits, It`s down to my age) has two imaculate bikes.

He had his SP1 there, you could eat your dinner off it, absolutely beautiful

His name is Dan, he has a red SP 1 and I believe he still has his Movistar CBR 600RR. He taught me back in the day how to clean the bike properly :smiley: