Protwins Ducati (BIG PRAISE!)

For those of you that dont know, a cam belt on my old 900ss snapped on the last BCR I attended. The AA stretchered the bike off to Protwins in Godstone, Surrey. I have never had the pleasure of their work before, I have just bought parts from them and they have been ab/fab with helpful advice!:cool:

I collected the bike this morning from Protwins. Before I left the guys there asked if there was a reason that the handle bars were set as they were, and did I want them moved out, wider to make the bike feel/steer better? Plus they noted that the bars were at different heights. Also the suspension was not setup properly which they kindly did before I left them.

It was p1ssing down with rain on the way to PT in the car and on the way home on the way back there was no let up. The bike felt so good I wanted to ride on pass my house and keep going into the countryside!

I have just put the bike up for sale on LB and was gonna put it up for sale on a Ducati forum… I fink I might just keep it now!:smiley:

What fantabulous guys they are at PT. I got the job I was expecting from them. I highly recommend’em!



All the work done came to over £1000+vat, it certainly feels like I got value for money!:slight_smile: There was a Husky and a KTM supermoto’s on the benches in the workshop. I can see why riders of other marques take their bikes there!

Apparently that’s their own. The word goes they like to take them to trackdays when they take their customers’ expensive bikes and embarrass them by riding circles around their expensive ducatis with the motos :stuck_out_tongue:

That sounds good for business! Especially when they have 2 of those £40k Ducati’s in the showroom…that’ll be why they’re still there then!:smiley: