Proper newbie.

Hi everyone - not only am I a newbie on this forum but It’s the 1st forum i’ve ever joined. Thought, If I’m gonna join a forum it may as well be the best one on the net that I join eh!
I’m looking forward to getting to know you’s & popping along for the Monday & Wednesday meets.

howdy doo Da77en. what bike ya got bro?:hehe:

welcome to LB :cool:

put in some pictures of your bike :wink:

welcome :wink:

Hi and welcome aboard.

Hello Mate, Welcome To LB, as said what bike your riding ?


Thanks for welcoming me on board - I feel at home already:)

I ride a 4 year old Yamaha FZ1 that’s just chalked up 100k miles & has never missed a beat.
I would post some pictures but the old girl is currently in my workshop have a re build.
I keep thinking about treating myself to a new stead but reckon there’s another 100k in this one yet:w00t:

You know how to make friends! :wink:

Buellcome to LB!

hello and welcome

Hello and welcome to LB :cool:


hello and welcome

Woah, I was under the impression that bikes sort of drop dead at about 50K…apparently not…!

Welcome to LB.

Welcome :slight_smile:

Hi , welcome . Its not just big bikes that last , my cb500 is nearly on 90,000 and runs sweet as .