Proper bike, proper fast!!

What am I talking about? The Honda RC162, a pure 250cc racing bike from 1961. I’ve just unclocked it by winning the classics race series in Tourist Trophy on the PS2. This bike is proper mad round the Nurburgring! I did a 8.48sec lap on it without crashing. I’m dead chuffed, I’ve never done it without crashing. The bike was a dream to ride. Why aren’t modern bikes like this? It did 122mph and rode like a demon…





watch out Valentino!

Now i have more power on my computer, i want to buy a bike racing game for it. Can anyone recommend one.

How about the latest MotoGP game? I think the best games are on the consoles though John…

They don`t do moto gp4 for the PC.

buy a ps2 or sumthing, all the moto gp’s are on Xbox

I was going to get a Nintendo Wii but i was told it was crap, so i`ll wait fot the PS3 to come out.

Found a copy of Moto gp3, so im buying it. They say its the best bike raceing game for the pc.

Wii is pants. PS3 looks like the best bet. The moto games aren’t quite as good on Xbox 360, otherwise I’d have bought one by now.