Proof this country is dead!

Two words Abu Qatada!! I’m. Sick of getting angry about this smirking fat **** but…

A. Just kick him out anyway and close the door behind him, what’s the worst the so called courts can do?
B. Remove his benefits (how is he not fit for work anyway?) and police protection and he will beg to leave!

Failing all that I’m sure all the OB around him could go for a coffee at the same time as the Jordan special forces knock on his door! Whole situation is just a joke!!!

As this moment 27 views no one “politically incorrect”.

Anyway, regardless that I’m not British I agree, something is very wrong.


If only he’d parked on a red route, he’d have got thrown straight out of the country by an army of PCSOs…

Could not give a f**k about political correctness or human rights! I was once proud to be English but all that has changed now and if I had the money I would get out on the first flight!


perhaps the jordanians could do a litvinenko on him.

Where would you go Vern???

To be fair the government are pulling all sorts of legal stunts to try and get this fecker outa here. Must be costing us a bloody fortune. Personally I would “arrange” for a security breach at Belmarsh. The type of breach that ends up with AQ being found hung in his cell with a suicide note.

This is the mess the british government created when they systematically allowed torture for their own war… he’s just playing your loopholes and he’s proving very good at it…

I agree, he should be deported but let’s not forget why we’re in this mess…

Anywhere but here!

well if hes guilty of something charge him!

I disagree, nothing wrong with the country as whole but the judicial system is a fucking mess.

Last few weeks of being on Jury service has certainly opened my eyes at how unfair and unjust our system is, all you need is a couple of inbred’s and a thick twat on a jury and people get away with attempted Murder.

They should filter our potential jurors by performing an IQ test of some sort.

That is the point, he might be charged in the country where the offence was done. Am I right?


I’m not sure I understand the connection. Jordan has convicted him of a crime (conspiracy to carry out terror attacks - which sounds just like the man!). Britain wants to deport him to face the legal system (or serve his sentance) in Jordan. However the ECHR has ruled that we can’t deport him because of the torture techniques used in Jordan (either that the conviction is unsafe because it relied on evidence collected by torture or later because AQ would be subjected to torture. What has that got to do with our government and them allowing torture?

This guy is a scumbag and takes the piss out of our legal system, or benefits system and incites people to commit crimes against our citizens. Why the feck would anyone NOT want this motherfecker kicker out of the country as soon as possible - and who gives a **** what treatment he will suffer over there?

for the same reason if a foriegn country wanted to extradite a british citizen and the evidence was based on torture they would be reluctant to do so as has happened in the past! The difference here is that he is a nasty piece of work and they want to get rid of him…but the courts are saying why can he be deported but not other citizens?

you remember the hacker case? there is no way he should not have been extradited to the US but they decided not to.

Jordan has been a long term supporter of the rendition programmes, I thought?

Yes that is probably true, but nothing to do with this case.

It doesn’t take a genius to work out that AQ would have been involved in the sort of thing that Jordan have convicted him of, so to me, it’s game over. Get the f out. He is a Jordanian citizen - so he can go back there. He shouldn’t be a thorn in our side.

Sorry, do you know what evidence the Jordanian’s used to convicted AQ in his absence?

Where that evidence comes from?

Can you rule out that this evidence was not produced by rendition flights carried out by the UK, and the US, of nationals of different countries, including British nationals, taken to places like Jordan and others, where they were systematically tortured to provide “evidence” against anyone those Governments pointed the finger at?

If you can state that this does not apply in this particular case, then I think your above statement in reply to Serrisan is completely valid.

Otherwise, I think you are ignoring the point he is making.

As to AQ.

Well if the Home Secretary had any balls, figuratively speaking, she would simply take him to an Army base, fly him to Jordan and resign in the morning for doing so.

Good point. Where would you go?

Pick anywhere that’s remotely civilized, there will be something wrong.

try and change things, this country is not the worse.

I am ignoring the point because no party has bought that up until Serrisan did. The lawyers for AQ have not asserted that Britain has no right to extradite him because Jordan may or may not be a supporter of rendition flights. No one is suggesting that the convixtion in Jordan has anything to do with the UK. It is utterly irrelevant. He is Jordanian. He was was tried and convicted in a Jordanian court with Jordanian standards our government is merely trying to satisfy the extradition request but ECHR are applying a standard that says we have to be sure he won’t be tortured. Simples.