Proof that high Viz (& even flashing lights) dont work!

never assume you have been seen!!

old as the hills! but its nice to see the witnesses drive off before the road gets closed.

That looked very bad.

foooookkk me that looked bad, but got to say that seems like poor positioning from that copper.

yeah i thought the same… not really the best way to stop oncoming traffic… :ermm:

Yeah I think that is fake.

Couple of things in the video just make it seem a little unreal. If it is real then that is quite shocking, but I just don’t think it is.

It is not fake. The police were escorting an ambulance on an emergency when the outrider got hit.

They shouldn’t let police people waste tax payers money writing off high powered bikes like that.

At least not until they’ve done their basic CBT course.

Hope the guy is okay. No surprise at 4x4 drivers though :doze:

Uhm… what?

My understanding is they were trying to get the ambulance to a pile up on the motorway in a hurry. I don’t know how many dead or dying motorcyclists might have been involved in that.

Oh horrible

Big ouch.

Oh nasty, I just wonder what the driver of the car was doing! not looking ahead apparently!

Sickening! Classic human error, that’s typical of what we do on the road everyday. Hindsight is tremendous ugh?

officer died in that crash…

That’s really saddening.

Is it worse that his last seconds alive were caught on youtube showing his death by being ploughed into by a whopping great big car?

I try never to underestimate just how idiotic some car drivers can be, though that was an overly risky move from the officer.

There are some stupid f***s out there! I bet you the driver was texting someone!

Update original link dead and I was looking to show some peeps

Mother of god! I really didn’t wan’t to see that! Why do people drive with their eyes shut!! FFS