promised you some gorey pics

Pretty much mended now, although the little finger (which was only dislocated) is still a bit stiff…









okay now we need history, how where why, what were you wearing…why did the clothes not protect you etc etc…


omg! i’m not hungry anymore… the torn off nail…:sick:

I was at Brands Hatch GP last July, didn’t know the GP part of the track very well and on about the third lap it started to rain on the back section, but not the front section. So I left the indy circuit at dry speed and then I hit a white line at westfield in the wet with my rear tyre. I’d come into the corner a bit hot, gone a bit wide at about 80mph. I don’t remember anything between “oooh, I might crash” and “ah - they’re cutting off my ring”.

I was wearing leather gloves, but the fingers weren’t knitted together. According to the Marshals, it was a highside and I was unconcious, hit the deck, did a supergirl for about 50metres and the bike landed on my right hand…hence it being brokie…Then when they tried to come and pick me up I went to strangle one :doze: Apparently this is a ‘normal’ reaction once you wake up.

you can be quiet n all :stuck_out_tongue:

SORRY! But there was a clue in the heading! :wink:

heh heh

just showed that to the guys here at work, put 'em off their food :smiley:

sorry about the crash though, sounds like you were lucky

okay gonna stick my little pinky to my other one from now on…good post I have learned something here…I had known about it but never seen anyone suffer like this

a mere flesh wound :w00t: :wink:

glad you are all better :smiley:

here’s some of my tamer ones…the others are a bit rank

come on we want details…what can we learn from these injuries…

that matey boy dont use a razor? :sick:

Show 'em the others Gabs !!

Go on , go on you know you wanna :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Give 'em the " metalwork " :wink:

Actually, Si, I dont have copies of those at the mo, but I will ask for them :)Where you bin, anyway!?

Protecting the world from baddies - you know how it is LOL

Us superpowers have gotta relax at some point :wink:

lol too right. i have assumed my alter alter ego :wink:

will try to make friday but dunno if i can as it’s Mark’s 40th… if you fancy a chinese pop up sat night :wink:

I got a paper cut once does that count.

Ouch,looks painful :w00t:

They hurt.
If you’re screaming you’re alive
You can’t OD on Gas and Air
Ambulance and Doctors like you better if you were fully kitted up whilst riding

Morphine is your friend


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