project 'screw around with exhausts' completed

did the final stint on the exhausts on sunday, with the aid of my lovely assistant susie (she actually enjoyed helping me, go figure!)

despite all the cunning ideas about turning the cans around/switching them from one side to the other and re-ending them to get the sides with the brackets cut off on the inside, they way they come is the way they need to stay. the link pipe to the Y is welded to the canister (which i realised after taking all the rivets off and wondering why it didn’t budge…doh).

so, got to work on the grinding and sanding, oh, and repacked the baffles for good measure by doubling up the packing that came with the kit i got from the states (baffle tubing and V&H packing). now holds the baffle securely in place where there was a bit of play with it held in place by the end cap. reckon it’d prob taken off a couple of DB and has taken some of the harshness away (and my ears wont bleed after long rides, not to mention mates downwind).

got the finish/line of the metal as good as it was going to get, then sprayed them up using heat proof satin black paint (did it fairly thick to help cover imperfections, did have a couple of ‘moments’ with paint run as a result which resulted in cursing then resmoothing!)

pleased with the result, my own custom cans, and saved a good 600 quid in the process



nice work mate

fair play mate but why bother after all they are still standard cans but fair play fella if thats your thing

no mate, they’re race cans.

the internals were already removed with jonesy last year, and race baffles and packing from A&R mufflers in the states for about £50 (or at least that’s what it cost then). I’ve added an extra layer of new packing compared to what is supplied to tone it down a little noise wise

Nice work Johnny boy…Now you need to make 'em look less like standard cans

Why not rivet in an expensive can maker name like a certain R1 owning forum member

“JB’s Loud Can Co” ? Nice work JB, most people wouldn’t undertake this themselves, and just go down the bolt-on route.

Am thinking of removing the baffles from the standard cans myself, just a few spot welds to remove, admittedly the standard cans aren’t as nice as the R1’s, but hey, will sound better.

cheers guys

haha, no afro, i’m not quite that cheap (not far off tho)

bigsv - you may already have it covered but apparently a good way to get the perforated tubing is to approaching industrial suppliers and ask for a ‘sample’ (cough). nice bit about the A&R kit wass that they’re pre-cut and finished - the slant cut of the exhaust tip would have made that an awkward job i reckon

Cheers pal. Just gonna pull the baffle out. Looks like they are held in by the cover plate at the end of the can with allen key screws which are held with spot welds. Gonna get some cheap ebay standard cans to experiment with so I dont screw my bike up if I’m wrong (not being an exhaust expert).

good work mate using the standard cans shell i like that, aleast you didnt put a termi sticker on them p.s i sold him the certain member the cans and he didnt pay termi price wish he did!!!

When stickering up your cans you have to go for heat proof. The Akropovic I got were about £8.50 a pop as they are metal backed with paint on top. They’d look good. Did you change the Y piece? You’d probably want to get rid of the cat to get the best performance out of them.

i believe i know the budget cans you mean mr jumper

haha er cheers nuts but again i’m going stealth. they aint akro’s so not going to pretend they are

i’ve left the exhausts as they are from the slip on down. am considering doing exhaust in heat proof paint all the way to the headers, may help with corrosion on the pipes (all too easy for them to get the tango effect going) and could look pretty good. having said that you can be more brutal with the cleaning on metal than paint. decisions decisions

haven’t bothered with the CAT yet as i haven’t sorted the powercommander. may rip out the CAT internals at that point. the bike isn’t exactly slow so i’m not too worried about max HP. getting the fueling right and low down power are more useful (not that its lumpy) but i know going with race baffles has leaned the bike out further, so a PCIII is on the list.


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