Project R6

I bought Tony’s old R6 that he crashed… He didn’t go through insurance, so it’s HPI clear but it’s seen better days.

Just a little project to restore it really…

I got tons of parts on order… A pair of paddock stands, a new Harris rear set (one side got damaged), a new engine case, some new indicators, a pair of levers, a new double bubble screen (well, two - one for the R6, and one for the VFR), chain and sprockets, clutch cable, head light holder, down pipes and then I’ll be looking for some fairings…

I’ll get some better pictures of it tomorrow…

More parts:

Picking these up tomorrow night:

Began to look at the engine damage. I thought it was just the casing (so that’s all I ordered):


Also, the link from the rear set to the gearbox is bent, and I didn’t know… So I gotta order one of those too.

Connected the battery up, and realized a lot of stuff wasn’t working…

I found this randomly disconnected. It could be an old alarm, or something? Any ideas?

This is how it used to look (me riding):

…and Tony riding:

New parts…

Need to order some exhaust gaskets, and also a “gear shift rod thingy” (as the original one is bent). Also need to order chain and sprockets, and the bolt that holds the front brake lever on…

I was gunna swap engines on the VFR today, but I find the R6 much more interesting to work on.

New casing, alternator and oil:

New fairing bracket (old one snapped). I got my bitch, Graham, to fit the lights/clock to it:

Got some petrol, and played about with it… Got it started (see movie):

As you can hear, it’s very loud because of the down pipes… So off they come:

Old and new:

New down pipes fitted:

Fired it back up… Sounds rather nice (see video):

Can choice:

Time to clear up…

Ordered a stainless steel fairing bolt kit, some stainless steel engine bolts, a nut for the front brake lever, a spare key and a regulator/rectifier.

Now all I need is to find a new gear rod thingy, and also get a C&S kit…

It should be road worthy by the weekend…

These are the bolts I ordered (two different sets):

Bought a chain and sprocket kit (genuine Yamaha), a nut and bolt for the brake lever, and I ordered the gear shift rod (gotta pick it up Saturday):

I have everything now… I just gotta sort out the electrical problem on Saturday (which hopefully Davo will be helping with).

Ordered 2 small number plates.

My original plate, as well as “**** YOU” ordered in size 6.5" x 2"

£26… Can’t complain.

Well, now I know who to come to next time I crash

looking forward to see the results…

Dont you need alot of bits… Good luck, cant wait to see the end result, are you keeping the original colours or are you going to do something individual??

Looks like a good job mate.

Out of intrest does it work out any cheaper to do what you are doing or is it cheaper to buy a similar bike that doesnt need the work? I realise you might have other reasons for doing it, but curious anyway with parts prices as they are.

Nice project. Is this for the road, or track? Would make a great track bike. Please keep the pics coming!

It’s for the road. I blew the VFR up and I am bored of the speed of the VFR so I’m going for something quicker now.

Received my new visor from Race Visors (very good company), and I love it:

Also got the spare key through the post today, and the yellow rim tape. Waiting for a few more parts and hopefully it will be ready (minus the electrical issue - I’ll just start it and then not worry about it (I hope I don’t stall)).

Also looking into getting some new leathers. I like the Hein Gericke blue/white ones.

Dam Luke your bedroom is very PINK!!!

nice visor BTW…

Im getting all excited, cant wait to see the finished look.

I`m not sure about your pink bedroom either.

Maybe “My Bitch Graham” gets do decide some of the boudoir decor ?

Feel free to draw your own conclusions…

More parts:

Today I fitted the Xenon bulbs, front brake lever, LHS rear set, chain and sprockets and the reg/rec.

It’s actually a lot harder than it sounds! We worked from 11am to about 6pm…

The front sprocket was such a pain, so in the end, after 2 hours of trying, we decided to take it to a local bike shop to use a air impact gun on it.

It got dark after that, so no more pictures.

I done a general tidy up. All the coolant system done and general bits and bobs. It was a proper hard days work to be fair.

Took it for a spin tonight (no fairings - that’s a job for tomorrow), and jesus, it flies.

155mph on the clocks, and I wasn’t even trying.

Expect some decent pictures of it tomorrow.

I’ll let the pictures speak…

Ohhh nice pics and nice bike, well done…

Bloody excellent job…But you might need some indicators mate cos sticking your hand out just ain’t cool