Project NSR

ok so i brought an NSR250 2 stroke for a track bike. it was set up as a road bike and was in good condition. but i stripped it and done the once over everything. I also prepared it for spray and sprayed and sticked it myself in my own garage. it took me a month to get it how it is now. heres the pictures from start to finish.

Thats a fantastic job you’ve done there, top class work :slight_smile:

Good work Stace :cool:

Looks like youv’e done a great job there, hope you enjoy it


yea looked fab, smelt wonderful :w00t:

i love 2 stroke bikes, i want an RD350lc!

and that stroker looks wicked!! well done, how did it ride? whats the powerband like!!:w00t:

well done stace…luvly job:)

Yeah it is a nice job Stacey. I like the graphics:)

Tug…Don’t be lazy mate;)

very nice! Top work!! :slight_smile:

Stacy, it’s rocks!!! Very nice machine. Great job. Congratulations! :slight_smile:

looks really nice now :slight_smile:

You’ve done a great job with that :smiley: nice one

thanks all.

she rides perfect

Wow what a good job you’ve done. Looks great, you must have loved doing all that :slight_smile: