Project K7 GSX-R 600

I haven’t been on LB for a while (forgot about it to be honest) so here’s some posts copied and pasted from another forum. I’ll keep it up to date from now on:

Not really a project as such but I like documenting random **** I do, I just read through my Project R6 thread and it’s kind of interesting looking back so here’s another… I won’t be spending nearly as much as before and I’m really not sure how long I’m gunna be keeping it for…

Anyway, here’s how I originally got it:

It came with a nice double bubble screen with a perfect black tint so I’m really happy with that. It also came with a R&G tail tidy which I would have done myself too so that was a bonus.

I hated the random yellow (ish) grips it had so they were removed instantly for a pair of medium compound Renthal’s.

Fitted the seat cowl, removed the rear pegs and ordered a smaller plate.

Unfortunately the Rectifier Regulator went after 2 days of owning it which fried the brand new battery he had fitted… Suzuki want £197 and a further £50 for the battery which is really annoying but it has to be done, so I’ll order that…

Racefit Super Slash arrived today. They’re £499.99 from Racefit but this as literally as new and managed to save £180 – can’t complain really. I’ll fit it later.

Got the old shitter off:

It’s so ****ing heavy… and it left this horrible exhaust metal **** on the down pipes which I had to chisel off… Unfortunately the guy didn’t give me all the bolts required, the rear-set is attached to the frame by 2 bolts which go through the frame and then screw into the thread on the actual rear-set, but this bracket goes behind the rear-set and doesn’t have a thread on it, so you need to screw all the way through the frame, rear-set, then through the bracket and finally into a bolt… It requires quite a long bolt and the standard ones don’t get anywhere close so I’m temporarily using thinner bolts so no stand-up wheelies for a while until I source the original bolts…

Off to Suzuki now to grab my new Regulator Rectifier and a new, freshly charged battery… Hopefully after bunging those on I can figure out how the jig-saw puzzle of fairings connect together and then I’ll take it for a test ride (providing the new Regulator Rectifier and battery cure the issue – it had ****ing better!).

I’ll get a sound clip later if it does work. Dying to hear what it sounds like!

So yeah, fitted a few new bits, new high-beam bulb, Renthal grips, etc:

Got her all up and running and took her for a spin:

Here’s some sound clips… The audio was done on a iPhone 3Gs so it’s utter pants unfortunately, it’s annoying as it sounds nothing like it does in real life but it’s the best I can do for now. The first video is your normal stationary rev sound clip, but the second video I put the iPhone in my pocket recording and went for a little tear around town. The speed limits were 30mph everywhere so I couldn’t really get up enough speed to show off the sound properly but you get a rough idea…


Another toy arrived:

Fitted the K&N air filter and my step-dad finished making my new plate:

Here’s a HD pic of it…

Not updated this in a while as I’ve been too busy riding it! Over 2,000 miles in a month… :slight_smile:

Anyway, I bought full R&G stuff off a mate and fitted 'em:

I then changed all the pads to EBC HH’s as I loved them on my R6. The old pads were well old and squeaked.

I then fitted both front and rear HEL Stealth braided hoses that I had on my R6, I bled it for bloody ages to make sure it was pure fluid. The lever is sooo stiff. :slight_smile:

I then adjusted the chain, lubed it and stuff. My Pazzo’s will be here tomorrow so I’ll get them fitted… I ordered a new number plate which is smaller than standard but not stupidly small as I got 3 fines in 2 days for it.

I’ve also ordered Racetec tyres (K1 (Soft) front and K2 (Medium) rear). I’m taking it to a mates on the weekend to get 'em fitted. :smiley:

Uhm, I ordered a uprated EBC clutch with uprated springs as again I had these on my R6 and loved them. I’ve got another 1,000 miles until the next service so I’ll do them then along with oil, oil filter, fuel filter, plugs, etc.

Only thing I really want now is a decent set of rear-sets (probably Gilles again) and a Harris quick release fuel cap. Ideally I’d like to find some mirror blankers with indicators built in as I’d love to remove the mirrors.

Should feel like a new bike after everything has been sorted. :slight_smile:

Yum. :slight_smile:

Fitted the black Pazzo short levers:

Racetec’s fitted like 3 days ago but already look a bit tired:

It’s getting ridden hard and often. Gagging for a Power Commander and Quick Shifter now.

Gilles Rearsets ordered, Harris Quick-Release fuel-cap ordered and a few other bits. It’s coming along. :slight_smile:

Took a risk and bought a pair of paddock stands from Germany for £60 delivered. I was a bit sceptical but seriously they’re really stable, I’m trusting the bike on them right now whilst typing this.

Oh and my Gilles arrived:

Very nice, have you won the lottery?:stuck_out_tongue:

That is looking seriously sorted!

Looking at your HD picture it looks like you spend a lot of time at Brands Hatch, I take it you have taken her on track then?

Nice looking bike by the way:)