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Right. So last year I did some track days. I am hooked! I have decided that I would like to give club racing a go. Now just to be clear, I am under no illusion about my ability, I do not expect to win anything, far from it. I suspect I will be last or there abouts, for any race I enter. I just find riding on the track so much cooler than on the road. You stop worrying about all the mundane things and focus on the bit you enjoy, controlling the bike, going as fast as you can (with in your ability).

I looked into it a little, you need to do you ACU racing license then you have to wear a bib for the first few races (6 I think). Great. You have to do the test on a race bike not a road bike. He lies my issue. I have no car license. Ever since I was 16 all I wanted to do was ride bikes, I had no interest in cars, and always saw the spend on a car license as money better spent on bikes in some way (think aftermarket exhaust, double bubble screen etc… ) But now there is a biking motivation for me to get my car license, so I have signed up with BSM for my first 10 hours of lessons.

Driving a car it turns out is pretty easy compared to a sports bike, it’s the same but everything happens so slowly, in a way that feels a little numb and with far less of a view of whats happening around you! I am hoping I won’t need to many lessons, though the instructor speaks so slowly it took him an hour to explain the controls (this was after I explained I have been riding a motorcycle for 16 years and so don’t need to be told what a clutch is or when to use it).

Once I have the license the next step is to get the racing license. I will try and squeeze in as many track days this year as money and time will allow (which may not be that many as both are severely limited). The aim being that I will be all set and ready to go for the 2015 season.

I am hoping to stick up a website, with a blog style account of my journey from track day newbee to club racing newbee. If I get this sorted (I also fancy learning some HTML5 and Javascript - can you spot the programmer! ) I will post the link on here :slight_smile:

Anyway, if anyone has recently tried club racing and has some preparation tips or tricks of the trade they want to share, stick a reply on here. Assume I know nothing (which for a worrying amount of things is probably accurate)

No real tips from me but you’ll probably need more cash than you think.

Good luck though!!

I’m confused. Why do you need your car licence to do the test on a race bike? I’m sure some of the big trackday organisers do a combined trackday/race licence course. You would need a car licence to get your race bike to circuits though!

What class are you racing in? A few people on here are racers and probably have a lot more to add than me.

Club racing is more addictive than track days so be warned it will cost you :slight_smile:

You can sit a CTC test which MSV are doing along with BEMSEE at a few tracks but seeing as you already have a bike license then you just need to sit the classroom test which can be done in Rugby at the ACU head office.

Once you have passed your ACU the next step is to look for a club to race with. BEMSEE are probably the biggest club in the country but you also have North Gloucester (NG) or Thundersport GB plus a couple of others.
What are you thinking in regards to bike?
Be aware that in certain classes the ability to modify is limited and in others its a free for all. If you pick say Rookie 600’s then you can do what you like to the bike to gain more power or better suspension. The problem here is that you get sucked into the “must have” add-ons brigade and this will cost you a whole lot more cash. Same for Powerbikes or 1000’s.

There are one make classes out there but that will depend again on what you want out of your racing and how much you have to spend.

Let me give you an example:

I along with a couple of others from here run in Minitwins with BEMSEE.
Majority of the grid run SV650’s which have a limit of 72bhp.
Much of the original bike must stay as it was when sold apart from rear shock, exhaust and fork internals.
No upgrades to the brakes, fork externals, radiator, swingarm, tank.

I reasonable one already prepared will set you back about £2-3K
ACU Fee £35
Join a club about £35
Entry fees per race weekend £260 and Bemsee run 9 rounds
Test day if you choose to do so £140
Tyres £280 Dry and £320 Wets These will last a few rounds and many have run on other peoples scrubs £80 to save money.
Add to this fuel £50 Food and drink plus travel expenses getting to and from the circuits.

If you want any more info then drop me a PM and we can have a chat :wink:

I want to add to what PJ said that a good way to make some quick money is to sell a couple of spare organs.
In which case I’ll happily get the liver. I could store it in the freezer and become an alcoholic, a serene one.

I just realised the liver is not really a spare organ therefore you might wanna keep it.
But if you are really desperate and change your mind I’ll have it please.

Many thanks.

Stuart - yep. The reason I need a car license is I will need to tow the bike to the track as from my understanding when you race the bike must be track prepared and therefore not road legal.

PJ - Thanks for the detailed avdvice. I am very much in the research stage. At the moment I own a Ducati 848 Evo Corse. I was thinking of trying to track that but have seen that there are not many places I will be able to race it. I don’t fancy a 1000 so I am currently thinking of 600 class. I quite fancy an R6 (but only because I saw Sam Lowes look like a god on one! :w00t: ) The plan for this year is to do as much research as I can so I am in the perfect spot for next season.

I read about a 300 class on the BEMSEE website that looks pretty cool. Kawasaki race pre the bike for you, and supply parts at cost. I’m just not sure how fun 34 bhp will be as I am quite a heavy guy (77kgs)

I thought for the ACU they had introduced a practical test? For which I would need to have a race bike? I looked into doing the intro course BEMSEE run, but they do require you to bring a track bike so again car license is the sticking point. My next lesson is Monday, and cars seem pretty easy so hopefully it wont take too long. I have heard the computer game they make you play in the theory test can be a bit tricky to get the knack of but I will get an app and practice.

At the moment I am thinking either BEMSEE or I have seen No Limits do a 600 class, I might pop along to one of each and see what they are like.

s l u g - the liver is the only organ in the human body that can completely repair itself. You can cut it in half and it will grow back to full size given enough time, so there is hope for you yet!


get along to Brands next weekend if you can Bemsee are running their ACU/CTC/rookie weekend, class room on saturday and track riding on sunday.

You will be able to ask all the questions you like with everyone there and get as much info as you can.

i will be there all weekend as i am planning on taking my ACU Instructors course and should be on track on the sunday with some rookies, helping them through it all.