Project Ducati rack completed

As a few of you know already i’m riding with my girlfriend to Misano for the World Ducati Week in July (which in true italian fashion is only 3 days long…) and needed a luggage solution for the Streetfighter.

Whilst I know you can buy very good systems like ventura, I didn’t really want the bother of an ‘install’ each time I fancied going for a weekend away etc and keen to have a no-rucksack option. The Kriega US20 did me proud for the Le Mans run last year but if i’m honest its a bit of a faff to get all the strapping sorted and required taping the tail to stop rubbing on the paint so I decided a smarter option was required…

Just tested the setup this weekend on a little jaunt down to the Festival of Speed this weekend and worked a treat - needed to carry 2 sets of black tie for the party (his and hers) without making a mess of it, spare clothes for the day time etc which all fitted very nicely in the Ortlieb 49L Rackpack. The bag seems great so far and the weatherproof roll top was certainly put to the test on the saturday. On her bike its bit more complicated as she now has a custom tail so will more likely go with the smaller 31L for her stuff (and she’s a lot smaller so so is the clothing!)Its not the narrowest of bags on the back but did a load of filtering and only snagged a wing mirror once which was pretty minor and no damage done. Its a direct switch with the normal pillion seat so a key twist is all that is required to get setup.

Detail wise its a Ducati Streetfighter 848 pillion seat cowl drilled and mated with a SW Motech rack for a BMW GS650/800 with nylon tube spacers for clearance. A set of ROK straps do the honours of keeping everything in place. Takes a few seconds to plonk the bag on top and clip up the straps, plus there isn’t the same danger of stressing bungees and getting one snap in the mush!



nice work, probably ended up cheaper that the ventura system too.

that’s very neat sir. will the bag not rub on the edges of the plate where it droops over though?


The rack piece without VAT was 60 odd quid, prob another 10 on misc bits and bobs and picked up the 2nd hand pillion seat for about 30-40 quid.

Not sure yet monsieur groovy. I’m thinking it might be worth sticking a bit of that seat webbing stuff underneath the bag to minimise shifting. May also put something in the base of the bag to make it a bit more rigid.

Looks great, can you make me one for this Friday for a Speed Triple? :smiley:

If you pack your bag well it shouldn’t over hang too much.

Similar to mine. bought a spare seat and bolted a top box to it. tested it to unmentional speeds whilst fully loaded with tools and almax chain. still good :smiley:

Ha cheers. I’d out it would take long to do now that I’ve worked bits out so yes if you get me the cowl and rack :wink:

Shame my bike has a one piece seat.
I’ve got a search for another seat to mod.

Great job, I like it.

really? only seen speed triples with the cowl thing that covers the rear pillion. U got a pic?

yeah, a piece of stiff board in the bottom of the bag would probably be best.

was giving this some thought and might try another strap long ways around the bag…