Project cb500

Picked this up from st monk earlier and it’s a big shock from the sv.

To do list

New rider peg
Front disc
Rebuild master cylinder
New headlight
Fix both brake light switches yes both!
Repair the dents in the tank/replace
Full clean/remove rust
Paint everything

And after an hour

have fun cb500’s are great little bikes and that one is in pretty good condition considering your to-do list,comfy ride eh?:smiley:

…and for what you prob paid for it bargain in my eyes

It’s not a bad position to ride but the grips are too firm or I’m too soft :slight_smile: plus a constantly surging front disc is erm interesting.

when you get it sorted take it for a bimble along the BCR route…you’ll be pleasantly surprised :wink:

Two words…STUNT IT!!!

I love the CB500 - a real classic.

I think it needs a straight through pipe.

And pin it at every tunnel and bm :slight_smile:

You got it for a decent price if you got it for your original offer. Well done.

Are you keeping it or selling it on?

Some OEM bar end weights can damp out the vibes through the bars. It looks like there are after market ones on there which probably are not as good.

i havnt rode a cb500 for a while, last one i rode was a customers. dropped off an SV650 courtesy bike for them, and preferred the CB! if only they didnt look so dull it would be a definite winner

When I said big shock from the sv I mean:

Small/poor braking performance
Soft forks
Not as much bottom end power
Skinny tyres

All done I didn’t bother fixing the dent but everything else cleaned up nicely

how did you sort the engine/crank case covers?

Wire brush and vht paint. I could of got it smooth and looking good but it’s just a hack.

Well it’s gonna have to be sold as my insurance is too much on two bikes

selling it? you just gave it to me for free! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah but only once you give me the hornet