Progressive forks

I have a gsxr 600 k2 and thinking of possibly installing progressive fork springs. Is it worth replacing the springs from the standards? Also whta weight fork oil should i use? The bike is only used on the road.

Thanks for any advice.

If you do that for the road? It would be a pure ‘cosmetic’ mod, as it is internal and nobody won’t see it, I wouldn’t do! the real difference you would feel on track!

progressive fork springs are a nice thing to have, the standard ones are progressively wound, but the weighting of the springs are set to cover a wide variety of different people (from 8stone japs to 18 stone brits) i highly recommend WP, they sell progressively wound springs which are ideal for road and track ( i have a pair in the castrol) the springs are about 65 quid a set, if you call them and tell them your weight and riding style (no point saying you ride really hard if you dont) they can supply the correct weight springs for your needs. they will also advise you which fork oil to use and what size air gap to set. WP uk can be reached on 01507 327509. again, i strongly recommend them from experience.

Hyperpro are pretty good. They do a kit that has the new fork springs, the oil, and a spring for your rear shock.

I used these on my 916 (with the std showa suspension) and it was great.