Product Review For Tonights Podcast

Hi all!

Have any of you found a bike product recently that you think is amazing? We’re looking for someone to come in to the studio tonight (about 7pm) and tell everyone why you think it’s the best thing since sliced bread? Or the Tom Tom for that matter!

If you’re interested, or you’d like to suggest a product we should talk about - post here or PM me!


I think BabyJ should go in and offer his wisdom on summer clothing!

What summer clothing?!?! I’m about to put my thermal layer back on my jacket!

Any chance of more notice on the podcasts, if you want people to turn up. A few hours is often not enough.

What about the Autocoms that BJ seems to have sold us all

can you come and comment on them mini-mo?

BabyJ is chicken and wont do it! Hence me asking around today - we’re after people for all the podcasts - for the most part it’ll be Tuesday nights…


MuckOff, brilliant stupp for lazy bikers!!!

Cool! Want to come in and talk about it?


Can’t tonight fella. Big day chez office tomorrow.

Besides I wouldn’t want everyone to stop thinking I’m just some phantom

lol! How about next week then?


More like the ‘hooded claw’ than the ‘phantom’ hehe