Product "Love In" Alert !!!!

Now I don’t normally do this, but I was genuinely stunned so time to give credit where credit due.

I’m in the process of giving the bike some TLC so time to clean the chain and the wheels as they are rotten. Goes down to Harpers Motorcycles here in Stratford and the kid behind the counter recommend “Whizzo Wheels” and his reasoning "coz I use 'em on me bike an car an it’s wicked init! "…

Ooook, anyway i buy the stuff and ready for an afternoons long hard graft on the wheels, and sure enough, 1) spray 2) rub in with brush 3) rinse off 4) close mouth in amazment !

I actually called the kid up at the store and said thanks… He just said " toldja - wicked stuff init ! "… Indeed dear boy it is indeed “WICKED !

Check this out, all of 5 minutes per wheel. Don get me wrong i still have some work to do but my god it’s just saved me a day !

Whizzo Wheels by Yoshimoto.

Nice, I been meaning to get some stuff for my rims but wasn’t quite sure what to get, I think I may go with this product now. Oh and by the way, you could of cleaned your sprocket taking the end picture! lol


LOL, no fear the sproke and chain were the next things to be done, and indeed the chain is gold and the sproket silver… Thats another product i’ very happy with

Good stuff… i use muck off then when wheels r clean i give a wipe with some ACF 50 (PUKKA STUFF)to keep the corrosion at bay, also all your wheels need to clean them is a quick wipe over.

How much was it?

Blimey, you were impressed Lee, nice one! Looks good. I clean my wheels regulary, so they’re never that bad (did you do some couriering? lol).

ACF 50 retails at £12.00 a tin, you can get it cheaper on Ebay sometimes, good thing is a tin last for ages as you don’t need much, i use it to protect all the metal and electrical parts on my bike also use it on my crome cruiser and and it keeps it all sparkling and rust free. I think this stuff originated in the aviation industry. I have had a can of it for 2 years now still only used about a 1/2.

it was all of £3.99 .

and NO Jay I don’t courier it’s all the bloody flying backwards and forwards to Ace’s trying to get some footage

That said now I have this bad boy in the locker… Sparkly wheels are Lee from now on. ( Where’s that dancing bannana from GDC when you need it ? )

That looks like bl**dy good stuff. I tend to use “Wonder Wheels”, I find that work very good as well with little effort required.

Off 2 stratford i go!

Looks good. My wheels are not usually too bad. Have a film of WD40 on them usually so not a lot sticks badly.