Problems Posting with IE8?

Microsoft changed the way things work under the hood with the latest version of their browser, IE8, which means posting on LB doesn’t work for some folks with it. We’re working on getting a fix from the forum software makers, but in the mean time, try this for a fix:

Sorry for the issue guys n girls, the forums are the only part of the site that isn’t written by us, so we’re at the mercy of our vendors support.

Thanks Jay i will check when i get home.

my i.e 8 doesnt work with LB.
Using firefox now as suggested by Mr. Adair.

testing compatibilty mode

it worked


Woohoo :slight_smile:

That ‘fix’ worked for me on my last post, but not when I tried to post 5 mins ago, which really F’d me off. If this post appears, then I dunno wtf’s going on. Poxy microsoft/poxy software writers.

We have had no problems posting ourselvles since upgrading to IE8 but the site seems much slower to “catch up” when other people post.

That sounds like a browser caching problem, try hitting CTRL and F5 together when viewing those out of date pages. I’ll have a look into things when we’re working on LB next though.

Ha ha!! Thanks Jay - that did it:)

another quick fix

The only way I have go it to work is to uninstall IE8:)

Thanks for your help on this, couldn’t write messages either but this sorted it out. IE8 is proving to be way more problems than its worth!

Wierd, not sure why. But IE8 is working perfectly for me. Although I’m also using Windoze 7 (the one after vista)

Compatibility mode i believe basically makes it behave like IE7 so should work … but good old microsoft.


Sweet… :wink: