Problems For MotoGP!

sorry fella, not sure if you’re viewing as a good a bad thing?

presumably it makes for more safety, but requires less skill?

Johny - don’t watch 125 or 250? You’re missing out fella! The 125’s are often the best race of the day.

As for the Twins in WSB - I think one of the attractions of WSB is the different engine configurations. I think most people miss the fact that with the capacity increase to 1200, comes a change to the same tuning regs the 4’s have.

Bayliss may have won WSB at a canter, but where was the next Ducati? Bayliss was one of the best riders in the world, any class in 06.

BSB? Yes the Ducati’s have done very well in the last 2 years, but TBH they’ve only had one other factory team to race (Homda), as the Powder puff mob have been in complete disarray for 2 years.

(Although I must admit, I think the Ducati’s have a additional advantage in BSB because of the nature of a lot of the circuits.)

Bring on the V4 Aprilia next year in WSB…That’s gonna be awesome

It will nice to have them back.

KTM may also be in next year. RC8 superbike.

Does anyone have any knowledge on how the displacement rule change in MotoGP came about?

Was it Honda’s idea…which was then forced on everyone else? Or did Dorna make the rule change in the name of “safety” or some such? I honestly would like to know what brought this rule change about.

I thought it was suggested by the same people who wanted the the diesels in the first place.

The manufacturers association. The biggest voice on there? Homda.

Any thoughts on what their motivations may have been for pushing through the maximum displacement rule change?

“appreciate what you’re saying with the potential 1-2 for ducati, but by that logic if kiyonari had a team-mate of the same standard and they’d done the 1-2, would that mean the ducati’s should be given more allowances?”

There are loads of ifs and buts, I was pointing out that they were extremely close to winning.

“sorry fella, not sure if you’re viewing as a good a bad thing? presumably it makes for more safety, but requires less skill?”

Indeed, I was just commenting that it might help account for the better lap times.

To limit top speed. Some of the bikes were hitting 210mph, and Nakano’s 200mph+ crash at Mugello (I think?) could have been bad.

Silver - The Ducati thing - the new rules give 200 CC but taketh away the tuning advantage.

It’s nearer the way Ducati’s are tuned in AMA SB - and just in case you’ve not noticed they get their asses handed to them on a plate every week.

Let’s be honest- there is no way a 1000cc 4 and a 1000cc twin with equal tuning is a match.

Ah, that is a fair point, I’ll concede.

Anyway, they won’t get their asses handed to them in AMA, 'cos they’ve taken their toys and gone home!

Let’s just say that Honda were there when talk first started… same as when MotoGP was first talked about…

Regarding an earlier comment about Lanzi - his father (and mentor) died at the start of last season which I’m sure would have had a big impact on his riding. I don’t think he should be written off yet. He won’t be in the running for the championship this year, but I’m optimistic that we’ll see him on the podium.

definitely harsh for the bloke, but dont know how much that really affected him? just after that happened at the end of 05 he put in the fastest time at the valencia pirelli tests (altho the weather was a bit rubbish). he came 8th overall in the 06 championship with half the points of bayliss



the other ducati teams are a fair way below - xaus, rolfo etc aren’t exactly grabbing podiums either

Sorry, I forgot to point this out earlier, the slow the bikes down bit, was stoked up by the tragic death of Kato (who may well have altered the course of motoGP had he been with us - but that’s another thread).

However well the intentions were, I think the real point was missed.

it does strike me as odd that when they discussed the proposals for safety, surely they knew that the bikes would be capable of going faster round the track? ok so outright top speed on the straight is lower, but was that really what was causing accidents?

or was it more the case that as the electronics developed, that they’d end up using more and more of the potential power of the engines?

wouldn’t it just have been simpler to put a limit on power output?

It’s oftened argued that a direct power cap kills a lot of the spirit of race development.

I guess not. The rules were first mooted a couple of years ago and maybe technology has moved on that much. I’ve read a couple of comments from racers in the last few days - even they’re surprised that the bikes are lapping quicker this quickly.

Like you say though, given that most accidents happen in the corners and they’re now cornering faster it could be somewhat counter-productive. I am predicting a lot of low-sides this season - you read it here first!

Regarding WSB bike horse power vs MotoGP bike horse power, although not conclusive evidence (and not just because the source was MCN)…

Haga’s YZF-R1 travelled down the straight at Qatar a good 3 MPH faster than Rossi’s YZR-M1.

Goooooooooooooooooooo Nitro

Anyway, it’s not just about HP…Currently, a MotoGP bike will always lap faster than a production bike because it has a superior chassis, engine management technology (Ducati notwithstanding) and usually suspension and braking components.

1200cc Twins will now be allowed to race in 08, but apparently they will have a significant weight disadvantage.

where you getting that from mate?

the 1200 isn’t approved yet unless i’ve missed something. the race organisers and rival teams have til end of may to sort out the restrictions/approve the 1200 for racing otherwise Ducati are pulling out for 08

doubt the bigger bore will be much heavier to be honest (sounds like sandbagging to me) altho may have the reverse probs compared to motogp with more gyro forces from the lump

WSB boss has said, “It’s now a question of when, not if”

1200 twins not naturally heavier…They have to put on weight.