Problem Selecting First Gear


Yet another question from me I’m afraid !

I sometimes have trouble selecting 1st gear on my Yamaha SR125 when slowing down/stopping – it will go down to what feels like first (i.e. won’t click down any more) but won’t go back up into neutral – and when I go to pull away it becomes obvious that it is actually in 2nd, I can then change down to 1st.

Is this a common problem ?
Any tips of how to prevent this ?


How old is your clutch cable? And when was it last cleaned/lubed? They tend to stretch if they aren’t maintained.

Let the clutch out a bit, foot hard on the lever and it should click in.

While we’re on the subject of gears, I can never get mine into Netural while the enguine is running and the bike is still. If I pop it in while I am slowing down it is fine, but otherwise it like a brick. Although as soon as I kill the enguine its fine!

Any ideas?

Over filled oil is the most common cause of that.

Gear box oil?? Its a two stroke!

Clutch cable was fitted just before I got the bike (couple of months ago) but will put a spot of oil on there for good measure. I will also try letting the clutch out and pushing down again to see if that works…

And yes I have done that a few times, moved off and gone from 1st to neutral instead of 2nd, with the 125 motor screaming frantically scaring the sh1t out of anyone within a 50 meter radius !

Clutch drag? try adjusting your cable so the clutch is fully disengaged, you might not notice the clutch dragging, but it could be enough to keep pressure on the selector forks preventing selection of neutral.

my Old Bonneville used to be a nightmare for this with a poorly adjusted clutch and a worn basket.