Problem Accessing Site on my Mobile

Aaargh, please help, this is very annoying.I mostly access this site using my trusty Nokia N95 8Gb but as of about 3 days ago, I have suddenly experienced an inability to use the “Recent Posts” link, which I find is fairly fundamental to knowing what’s going on here.

All was fine until, I think, Wednesday, but now the “Recent Posts” and “Popular Topics” links at the top of the page are doubled up so they currently read as "“Recent PostsRecent Posts” and “Popular TopicsPopular Topics”. I try clicking on them and nothing happens.

Also, in the individual posts, the user name is also doubled up in the same way.

I use the standard browser provided with my phone (contract is with Vodafone but this info is irrelevant as I access the web exclusively via wi-fi). I don’t really want to install a new browser as the standard one works fine for me, except for this issue.

I have cleared the browser’s cache, this hasn’t solved the problem.

Has anything changed on this site over the past week that makes it less accessible to mobile phone browsers?

Any advice on how I can get this working again - if the problem is at my end - would be very much appreciated otherwise I will have to sign off :crying:Thanking you in advance.

Could someone with the same phone as me please check whether they get the same issues described above when accessing this site via wifi?

Then I should find out whether this is a problem with my phone or the forum itself.