Probably the most stupid thing I've seen !

Rant !

Last night at work, some clown on a Gsxr was riding like an idiot, Cops on the North side of the river tried to pull him and he failed to stop, He came across us on one of the Bridges coming south, went straight through a red light, round a round about and onto a dual carriageway - speeds in excess of 120mph. We then carried on the pursuit.

No big deal really, bikes make off from the old bill all the time, but then …

He went straight through a red light at a busy junction still at over 100mph - I have never seen anything so stupid in all my life and when that bloke dies (no doubt on a bike, riding like that) I really hope he does it on his own and doesn’t take some innocent with him.

There are some right idiots out there and whoever you are you’re doing a top job of making sure that any non riding members of the public / coppers etc think that we’re all the same.

are you trying to say that my riding is not safe?

funny enough last night I had to pick up my mate from earls court and made it back to isle of dogs in 20mins from there. When I first saw the ‘some ****ing idiot with gsxr’ I seriously thought you meant me

Lol … def not anyone I’ve seen from LB mate, I seriously doubt many would go straight through a red at over a ton unless they really do want to die !


Don’t worry mate…he recipped and came onto TVP area…

He was then caught as we catch ours…

Ha ha, I would have hoped that any other car would have had better luck than us, 3 large blokes, loads of kit and the motor bordering on being over loaded !!

We’re not the best guys to get involved in pursuits, especialy if it involves an open road and something that can do over 130 !

I thought the TVP policy like most other counties was to leave things till they returned to the Met so we could sort it out !


Look at these two!!

Trojan - correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t you’re in diesels man, what do you expect ? LoL

Ha ha … the banter between the county mounties and the Met boys has always been amusing.

We are in Diesels mate but our motors usualy do ok until it comes up against a bike ! Mind you, I’ve been involved in a few chases involving bikes and I’m sure this is the first one I’ve been involved in that we’ve lost.

I saw something this afternoon on my back with the missus from a pub lunch.

An old lady, approaching the roundabout on the wrong side of the rode on a moped, must have had 5 bags of shopping, and no helmet!!!

If I had been in italy I no doubt would not have looked twice, but man, she was off her head.

Hmm, similar to the L plated scooter with female passenger looking petrified on the A10 doing 30 in the outside lane!!!

Or the loon with his knee down (there is a time and a place:hehe on country road roundabout constantly going round several times stopping traffic getting on to it as they did not know what he was going to do next!!!

Agree Trojan anyone driving like that deserves what he gets but it is generally at the expense of some other poor sole

well some1 enjoyed it, coincedence?:

That’ll be the one, his time will come.

Was it a K4? If so then I’ve seen one playing around that likes the chase

Corrct me if I’m wrong, but recently I’ve heard several, probably inaccurate, rumours about how police will avoid pursuing motorobikes if the rider has no helmet cos of the danger involved if an accident occurs and the incredible ability of lawyer scum these days to pin blame on the responsible people in any situation whilst the criminal gets legal aid and the chance to sue.

Is that true at all? Or just bike-meet rumour and nonsense?

what goes round, comes round…


Loads of different forces have different policy regards to pursuits, I even know that some Boroughs in London have adopted their own different policy where Scooter riders are concerned.

I have no doubt that you’ve heard loads of rumour and the Daily Mail esque reporting doesn’t help either.

I can’t discuss this type of thing on a forum or I’d be in the poo …(Again )

Oh yes

Sorry bloke,
Should have realised.
Easy mate, Toby Wan

No worries mate.