Probably the best Black ZX10R in the country

anybody who is interested in my bike
04 with 8 to 9 k on the clock … needs MOT but I will get that done so will have 12 months on it when sold

5300 (offers maybe be accepted) without the dash but all extras and standard items list is longer than my arm bike worth 11k+ in extras with paint job etc …

dash if anyone wants an AIM dash its the strada I want close to what I paid(850) its been on for 1000 miles I want 650ish (again offers may be accepted) free delivery …(Aim MXL strada dash)

Spray job was done professional and cost 1450 its 4 coats black 4 coats clear then zuralic green fleck then 4 coats clear… its a green fleck looks black in normal light but in sunlight its green

fabbri screen
brembo M/C 19x20
gilles rearsets black
gillies clipons
GPR Damper
Ohlins 46PRXLS rear shock
ohlins 20 mm internals for forks (repsrayed)
Harris exhaust hanger
Pazzo brembo 19x20 short lever
Pazzo clutch shorty lever
seat cowl
suspension fork leg covers in gold…
smokes indicators
R&G tail tidy
data tool system 3 alarm
renthal grips (medium)
braided lines on front and rear goodridge carbon line stainless
suade seat
datatool gear indicator
Akrapovic full system (link pipe ceramic coated)
Galfer Pads
Gilles chain adjusters
bike shown here…

that’s lovely drools


I’d love to own this.

If it wasn’t for the gf I’d probably be doing drastic things now to buy it.

Good luck with the sale.

Killer #1 has just been telling me about this, If my money had come through I’d be very interested, even though it is a Kwaka, looks gorgeous mate, oh and you forgot to mention the Marchesini wheels?!?

Good luck with the sale, looks like a bargain!! :w00t:

looks lovely mate, still think green ones a faster :smiley:

cue reply from Chenster :slight_smile:

any interest :cool:

So how come you are giving it up, Glenn? Does this mean that you are closing the website?

Prays for 6 numbers on saturday. Seriously georgious bike. Good luck.:w00t:

because my other half had a serious accident, lost a limb … and I couldn’t put her through any more trauma… good enough reason… :satisfied:

and no the site stays… I ain’t giving up riding… just keeping to track… no point in dropping such a nice bike on track… would be a waste :blush:

open to sensible offers… bike is killing me in the garage… really needs a home …:cool:

Deeply sympathise with your over other half.

Why not keep it? Take the bodywork off it & put some race stuff on? Put the standard wheels back on, or put wets on em? You know the bike, anything fancy put it to one side. ZX10s are a forbidable tool with all the good stuff on your bike.

That’s an amazing looking bike… If I could I would be the first to offer, but sadly I can’t. Good luck with the sale anyway. :slight_smile:

Oh the power of a sticker :Whistling:

Sorry to see you’ve still got it G - the right person for this bike WILL be out there somewhere ( unless that person is you ?? ) Dude - things won’t be the same without this thing around the Berkshire roads lol - You KNOW that if I had the money for it then it would be mine :wink: