Pro Bicycle Road 'Improvement' by Camden - Effin Dangerous???

Armadillo rubber blocks and black planters in the roadway to separate bicycles from other traffic.

Black…so at night they will be as invisible as they possibly can.

I don’t remember seeing this in the highway code - and with no markings can bikes/scootahs take the piss and use them too (and park inside them because they will take away the yellow lines).

Councils have a huge surplus that they are legally obliged to spend on road ‘improvements’ …Nowe in my book ‘Improvement’ means make things better - fill in potholes , make roads smoother and enable vehicles to progress quicker - not to make things worse for motorists/bikers (who pay the chages and fines in the first place ) and either slow them down or make it effing dangerous…grrr

Oh I’d just love it if some gentleman in an old Transit pickup came along one night , loaded them all up and sold them on Ebay…

As a copper said to me on Bikesafe - don’t argue with the cyclists because they have the power and all authority is on their side - it wins votes.

I can see another problem! If you’re happily (push!)biking along in the lane on the right and matey that’s parked there opens his door, where are you going to go? Door or kerb?

Another well thought out system (NOT!)

They would look good in my garden !

It actually looks like an ideal road for segregated cycle lanes - it’s a wide, one-way, 20mph zone.
Sadly the council have just dumped a load of plant pots in the road, which is not quite the same thing. Nearly a good idea though, just lacking a little in the excecution.

The copper who said “don’t argue with the cyclists because they have the power and all authority is on their side” must have been having a laugh. Cyclists are getting killed & injured on London’s roads all the time - punishments for drivers are laughably low.

dont know why they didnt use a raised curb like in Holland

And majority of these fatal accidents is the cyclist fault.
So why you would like to punish the driver, natural selection it is.


any stats to back this up?

No, because it isn’t true.

It’s the drugs talking! I cycle every day and every single day some c*** tries to kill me!!

You a big target mate ! :smiley:

Here you go Mr Blade

I think it looks like a good idea but I agree that maybe the planters should be marked up better. However, my experience with a lot of cyclists in London is that they won’t stick within the designated lanes. They meander around all over the place in order to overtake vehicles and other cyclists. I can’t help but feel that where these schemes, or even normal bike lanes, exist it should be mandatory for cyclists to use them and prohibited for them to venture out onto the ‘open’ road. Otherwise accidents and deaths will still occur. Everyone’s mentality towards cycling and road sharing needs to be changed, not just the drivers/riders of motorised vehicles!

And yet no one succeeded.

Stats? What you going to do having stats? Write a letter, or strongly express your opinion in the peace of your house?
Last few which I have read for example in newspaper, were undertaking lorries/buses or traveling in the right lane, I would think that jumping red light will have percentage as well.

p.s. No, not enough drugs I would say, but well I don’t have stats for this either.


they is a web site for road deaths & who was to blame both cyclists & motorcyclists don’t fare to well the blame front it is 38% for motorcyclists! but a much higher % for London motorcyclist commuters

goggle it I would like to stay neutral

my main criticism is the money spent on “alternative” transport I you filled in the potholes it would cure some problems but no all they want to do is get on the front page with hair brained ideas

do you know how much the new TFL routemaster are costing read this

they tried to hide the figures go figure a normal bus with the same running gear as a routemast would have cost 1/3 the price

Biggest danger I saw was turning into a street behind a van - going to overtake van (on the left as it;s a one way) and suddenly seeing a fooking 60kg planter dead ahead and nowhere to turn - at night that you could end up in the guitter not knowing what you hit…

Also since I’m having a rant - Islington / Camden etc have pushed a blanket 20mph limit and encouraged more cyclists - But even a fat git like me can get up to 30mph on a bike easy.

What happens to those cyclists who break the speed limit in excess of 50%??? Have their number taken? Licence endorsed? Just a thought…

No, no, no, a thousand times no. Bikes have just as much right to be on the road as anyone else.

Providing a safe route for kids to ride to school or for grannies to nip down to the shops is great and should be encouraged but I shouldn’t have to cycle behind them at 7mph just because there’s a cycle lane available. On a flat straight road like the one in that picture, I’m probably doing 20mph on my bicycle, which is the speed limit on the road anyway.

Also, bike lanes are generally sh!t - shared with pedestrians, stopping and starting at random, lamposts and bus stops in the middle of them… the list goes on.

If this keeps them from being all over the f**King place i think its a good thing. ATM they are all over the road, between cars, outside cars. I have had at lease 3 pull out between cars to the outside in the last week along. shame as i cycle myself but i makes me fucking hate some of them.

what in the f*ck…is that picture for real??? and they cant be seen at night??? disaster waiting to happen :w00t:

cant possibly comply to the road structure regulations.

I cycle a lot myself. And I do believe they have best approach in Netherlands, separating cyclists from cars/bikes/lorries.
U have to admit at amongst cyclist there a lot of those who don’t even have driving licence meaning they are not very good at reading the road. It’s a recipe for smth bad to happen.
Every one of us should get more often on bike, Its healthy, green and fast too. I noticed I can go thru central london on bicycle probably faster than on motorcycle. There are places with islands where its pain to filter on motorcycle, not on the bike thou.
Point being it would reduce traffic on the road if more people would get on bicycle, but a lot of people just don’t feel safe doing this in current conditions and I don’t blame them. You have to be really good at reading the road and still might get hit by someone.
The solution is there, it just needs to be implemented.