Private ACF50 Event in Farnborough, Hampshire (junction 4 of M3) May 11th and 12th

May 11th and 12th

As some may remember, I was in the process of organising an event just before I had my ‘off’ last year. I know a number of you went ahead and got ‘treated’ anyway, but I am now organising an event for the charity I volunteer at - SERV, the blood runners.

I have organised an event and have filled 5 of the slots, but as time is ticking have decided to open it up to LB to fill the final 3 slots.

For those of you who don’t know about ACF 50, it enables your bike to be protected against corrosive elements and also an awful lot easier to keep clean, road muck just seems to slide off, once treated. It can be done yourself, but most people apply far too much, leaving the bike feeling sticky! Plus it’s quite fiddly making sure you treat your wheels, whilst avoid breaks and tyres. have developed a system of cleaning and preparing your bike prior to application of a micro fine mist of ACF 50. MCN sum it up quite well in this article: MCN Article

As mentioned, I have organised with Jon from All Year Biker to do a two day event with a small discount on the standard rate of £59.75. He will do it for us for £55 (£19.75 deposit, plus £35 on the day) Jon usually works on 2 bikes at the same time, so expect to hang around for c. 3 hours (perhaps longer if you have a really big bike like a BMW 1200 GS and or spokes!!) Location: The Potters Arms, 182 Cove Road, Farnborough GU14, 0HJ (apparently they do great food!) Map: Cost: Discounted price of £55 per bike The 3 available slots are: May 11th 1pm May 12th 9.30am 1pm As two will be done at a time, there will be someone else sharing your slot, so you'll always have someone to chat to! If you're interested, please leave a note here first, letting us know which slot you are going for (so that no-one else books your slot unknowingly). Then follow the following link for the relevant day to book: For those attending on the 11th go here: http://www.logiforms...8432/?recid=163 For those attending on the 12th go here: http://www.logiforms...8432/?recid=164 You will need to insert the code: LONF93 into the Invitation Code box. Please just pay the deposit, the balance of £35 is payable in cash on the day.

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By the way Infinity’s Clearance Warehouse is just around the corner from where the event is being held - two birds, one stone!

I would like to join but the link to pay deposit doesn’t work.

Will look into it and PM you later.

Hi, if you are still interested, there is one slot left on Sunday at 9:30 - please PM and I’ll let you know about payment.