prise LB

Ive only been with the site a week, and have met some really genuine people, and that was proved last night when me and the wife came off on the A40 and had to go to hospital.

I called Adam h and Gina to let them know i wasn’t coming for obivous reasons!!

The next thing i knew they had pulled up on the otherside of the A40 to see if i needed any help, with Terry and 2 other people ( sorry im really bad with names ) then when i thought they had gone to the meet, they all turned up at the hosiptal.

Now for people that you have only just met that was an all round show of good character, and good friends.

it was our pleasure huny just glad u and annie were ok!!!xx

and if u need us just shout!!XXXX

Nice one Gina and Adam and the others…real good move…stars !!!

sorry to hear about your off.spoke to terry tonight,he told me about it,get well soon and your better half.see ya soon .brendan