Primus Rally 2015


^^ +1

i really dont want to say what it looks like you’re doing in this picture :laugh:


Strain strain strain and then joyous relief! With just a minimal amount of blood on the fingers and a feeling of looseness and freedom from the rumbling.


you need more fibers in your diet :laugh:


Another stunning lunchtime read. Good effort Martin and thanks again for sharing.


Thanks for the kind comments. Any requests for next?


Hmm … I don’t think you can get much colder Martin! We’ve done Saudi, and you’ve touched on Cambodia … though can’t help but think there’s more adventure in Asia, Africa and maybe South America to be had :slight_smile: Or Canada/Alaska if you want the cold stuff :slight_smile: Let me know :wink:


I’d say join Avi & me in ireland in a couple of weeks but we’ll be in hostels, not camping. won’t make for a very exciting tale!


We would love to take you up on this Martin but one of us is a real wimp in subzero and doesn’t love snow


We’ll keep it a secret from C.


Let’s join Morgan for a giggle this summer?


Senegal now Ebola’s dying down?


2016 planning. Who is in?


Wow, your trip looks like it was amazing. Echoing everyone else, thanks for your updates and pictures!
Where are you planning for 2016?


Love this story Martin. I’d love to do a trip like this one day.


Is that day around end of February 2016? Yes? Great! :slight_smile:


Mole, this again. It’s an annual event.


I’m worryingly tempted. I’ve been invited to Morocco (sans bike) at about the same time, though, and I’m not sure I can really afford all the crap I’d need to get.

On the other hand, I’m not sure how much that matters…


go on Jay, we’re not getting any younger :smiley:


I’m not sure I’ve got a suitable bike. I’ve only got an R1200 GS.


There’s a photo of one of those at the event above :wink: