Prime minister

Ronald McDonald would seem appropriate…

Chuck Norris :sunglasses:

He gets shit done :blush:

Sean bean

Unlike David who done shit

Not him he is a slap happy to women
That makes him a tosser

In all fairness though if someone was campaigning vehmently to stay in then why would you then want them to lead the exit? I think he did the right thing by stepping aside.

As a leader he should have accepted the result and lead the negotiations for the uk exit of the eu
He is just a spineless twat
The real sad thing is he will still be dipping into the public purse until the day he dies

Oh yeh definitely, once they’re part of the gravy train, there’s no getting off. Like he sincerely cared about the outcome, in or out, he’s still set for life like Blair, Major and all the others

Sean bean Slan
nah he'd get killed off in the first series

Tony Benn

I think we’re going to get…



Guy Martin and his manifesto of mandatory sideburns for everyone over 18.

That is exactly who I was going to say!!


But only if Brian Blessed is to busy.

Or if Brian Glover has moved to a better place.

Churchill !!

Mr Bean

It may go against your moral and social thinking, but become a member of the Conservative party. Currently there are about 100,000 members. It’s those members who vote for the party leader. I’m joining just to vote against Boris.

This is basically how Jeremy Corban got in. A bunch of students signed up and voted for him.

It’s a couple of quid a month. After the vote in October, cancel your membership.

The trouble is finding an acceptable alternative.

Whilst I find the idea of having Boris Trumpton as PM distasteful, his likely opponent appears to be There’s a Mayniac. The prospect of her in power I find downright terrifying!

Even if it’s not her, cold you ever live with yourself knowing that you once voted for Michael Gove?

Don’t get me wrong, the alternatives are shady at best. I just feel that strongly about making sure Boris isn’t the next PM.