Prickwilow, prickwillow, prickwillow. Sun 21 Aug.

When the birdies do sing it`s time to look in to Prickwillow, Prickwillow, Prickwillow.

Well it`s that time of year and Mrs J has never experienced Prickwillow on the Minge.

Depart the Ace 9.30 am for a ride avoiding Finchingfield.

If any Towie lot want to rock up it`s the normal fuel dump in Newmarket sometime later.

This is a ride for those who have little care for their genitala.

Lunch by a river in Ely, then home via an Ice cream stop.

I fear I’ll be too hungover, but I’ll aim to make it.

I’ll be on knobblies, though, so I’ll want to go at the back if I get there :slight_smile:

Its been too long since I’ve been on a full Jetstream ride…
If I’m not drunkover I’ll be there.

Will there be a bridge to go under that you don’t have the need to but have the urge to duck?

Bugger…small matter of Ipswich v Norwich (to non footballing posters, thats a local derby between good v evil)

There’s Norfolking chance of me Suffolking a football match, I’m in 11am at Newmarket?

Avoid Chelmsford area …v festival

Thanks Tim.
@ NT we’ll confirm the time for Newmarket Sat eve. Just don’t chat any ladies up if you get there early :slight_smile:

Any chance of a prick-up …I mean pick-up, Epping tea hut way ? 

Won’t it hurt?

It hurts more if you do it slowly.

Was going to suggest heading East after Newmarket, but as A12 dash home would be via Chelmsford sounds like that is a no-no.

Have fun guys, have already bought tickets for the mighty Ipswich’s domination of all things East Anglian.

Maybe of interest to the non footballing fraternity. Sunday 21st August is the prickwillowmuseum. Nostalgia Day

There's Norfolking chance of me Suffolking a football match, I'm in 11am at Newmarket? National Treasure
More like 11.15.    Gives you more time



Enjoy, wish l had a bike to ride round Lake Constance, here’s one that was parked around the corner, may suit whereisGibson



That’ll be fine and if by chance I see her in the garage, we’ll smile at one another and we’ll say just look at those petrol prices those were the days my friend :wink:

See you at the Ace…with a few Andy’s …Cheers Richard.

In wheeling the 250 out of the stables it occurred to me that a recently re-fitted top box and the Prickwillow Road may be a recipe for would be a proper test :slight_smile:

Lets rumble

Yes the road is still bumpy to Ely.

Thanks to the Jets for an enjoyable blast down memory lane.



Another superfine Jetstream Event

194 miles of proper roads, proper grub, proper good company and the top box made it all the way.

Happy days