Price for road pilots

Anyone recently had a pair of Road Pilot 4s fitted? If so, how much did they cost?

(Trying to work out if it’s worth a trip to London to get them there…)


£248 a pair loose wheel at HGB Ruislip. 

Had a pair from national tyres fitted in chm two years ago at 260


You didn’t fancy the Bridgestones then.

Did you get a price off Universal Tyres Colchester for the PR4’s?

I don’t hint you still get £35 cash back on the michellins. As you know I love my new bridgestones.

I love my Bridgestones too, riding with confidence whether wet, dry, hot or cold and they handle gravel better than PR’s on an R6 :wink:

I paid about 240 2/3 months ago for my pr 4s worth every penny

I emailed them  for a quote but no reply NT.    Local garage (Manningtree wants 40 to fit them - which seems high) 

They quoted me £18.00 per loose wheel for tyre fitting, but that was included in the price quoted for the Bridgestones.

That’s £36 a pair so the £40 is probably just a Brexit thing.

call FWR in Kennington. Best price. Best service,-0.1137429,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x48760493d9f92e55:0x3b331d0fdb833046!8m2!3d51.4866963!4d-0.1115542

Think it was M&P have the PR3’s going cheap at the moment if you wanted to save a few pennies

Think it was M&P have the PR3's going cheap at the moment if you wanted to save a few pennies me_groovy

£169.99 a pair which is more than a few pennies:

Nice one Pat.  Just ordered a pair (for next time) - becoming a proper biker now - spare tyres lying in the garage :slight_smile:  

Next he’ll be decorating that garage wall with a plastic tool roll of shiny Halfords spanners :slight_smile:

I paid 210 including fitting last month for a pair from round and black Dartford