Priase: FWR Tyres

Heavy traffic had me worrying I wouldn’t get to FWR in time for them to fit me in before closing (Thursdays are 8pm closing times), but they didn’t blink an eye and Dave was happy to get my bike worked on straight away.

They’d just run out of my first choice of tyres, but Dave explained to me a range of different alternatives and we settled on some dual-compound Pirelli Diablo Corsa III’s.

Because I’m over-worked, maintenance slips from time to time on my bike (no excuses, I’m just crap), but the guys kindly pointed out my front spindle thread was buggered so they butchered a for-sale bike they had, to replace mine and ordered me a new one, fitted new brake pads, pointed out my front wheel bearings were knackered and fitted new ones, found two new bolts for my front mudguard because I’d lost two and all with a smile and no word about me keeping them past their closing time! Best of all, they didn’t say a word about my crapness at maintaining the bike.

Top guys, top service. It made me leave feeling thoroughly looked after and confident in my bike. Thanks Dave and the guys!

Oh an coincidentally I also meet Afro in there who was picking his bike up after they rebuilt it from him last accident (that man’s record is growing) just in time for him to prance off to Italy for a jolly.

Good to know. I’ve used them a few times and been a satisfied customer.