PREVIEW - I visit the James Whitham school

…and ask him what music he’s into :slight_smile:

PREVIEW - I visit the James Whitham school…

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there is a name and face I’ve not seen in a while. How you doing?

Bloody hell mate…Long time :grinning:

I was just speaking to Smiled today on WhatsApp…Think a reunion is in order.

How’s things with you?..Oh we have the first baby on the way…Lot happening.

Be good to do something :+1:t5:

Dude!! good to ‘see’ you! hows life?

baby eh? get ready to be priority no 3! LOL

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Ugh, interesting :wink:

Argghh…Yes feeling the effects of that already.

Good thing I built the GSXR before she put the road block down :sweat_smile:

Doing very good though thanks…Hope you too…What’s been going on in here?

Haven’t you been “rebuilding” that since I’ve know you?

Let me know when you’re about mate, be good to catch up.


Erm…Possibly…I did use it a couple of times in between though :laughing:

Yes mate I’m going to be doing a retro thing with Shane…Will definitely send you a message.

Watch ya WhatsApp.

I’ve changed my number, yours still end 771? if it does I’ll message you so you have my new one.

Good to see you back on LB again @Afro! Keep the videos coming.

No but I still have your email so I’ll send that over

Hello mate…Long time.

Will do! :+1:t5:

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